Tarih: 20 Mayıs 2022

Gösterim: 26

10. Logistics Education Standards Workshop was held with the cooperation of LODER and our University

The tenth Logistics Education Standards Workshop, held by the Logistics Association (LODER) at a different university every year, was held at our University this year in cooperation with our International Trade and Logistics Department. On May 14-15, Prof. Dr. Our Vice Rector and Ömer Seyfettin Faculty of Applied Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Serel, Head of International Trade and Logistics Department Assoc. Dr. Hatice Aydın, the main sponsor of the workshop, the managers of Eti Maden İşletmeleri, the managers of Kale Nakliyat and Kıta Lojistik providing sponsorship support, the managers of the Logistics Association, the members of the Logistics Education Standards (LES) academicians and sector representatives, and our UTL department academics participated.

On Saturday, May 14, Head of International Trade and Logistics Department Assoc. Dr. The workshop, which started with the opening speech of Hatice Aydın as the head of the organizing committee, was attended by our Vice Rector and workshop co-chair Prof. Dr. The speech given by Alpaslan Serel on the "General Situation Assessment of the UTL Department" and the Head of the Department of International Trade and Logistics at Maltepe University, as well as the Vice President of the Logistics Association (LODER), Prof. Dr. It continued with the speech of “Logistics Concept and LODER Introduction” by Mehmet Tanyaş. Lastly, Eimaden Deputy General Manager Dr. The Main Sponsor speech on “The Effects of the Pandemic Process on Foreign Trade and Logistics” was given by Özgür SAÇ.

After the speeches, Assoc. "Accreditation Activities for UTL Departments" by Fulya Taşel and Dr. Kayihan O. Turan made presentations on "The Current Status of Les". After the presentations, the presentation of plaques and the distribution of the training of the trainer certificates, followed by the sessions. Our Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. After the first session titled "Evaluation of Bandırma Logistics Sector" under the chairmanship of Alpaslan Serel, our UTL President Assoc. Dr. The second session on "Evaluation of Bandırma Logistics Education and Expectations" was held under the chairmanship of Hatice Aydın. In the first session, local representatives of Bandırma Chamber of Commerce and Bandırma Port Authority and our side sponsors were included. In the second session, members of two important associations such as UND and UTIKAD, which stand out with their activities in logistics education, and graduates and students who continue their education, were included in a session where education was discussed from different perspectives. In the third session titled "Educational Techniques and Practices", our UTL Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. 'Gamification Technique in Education' by Selva Staub and Dr. Instructor 'Sector Applications in Logistics Education' presentations were made by its member İlknur Tanrıverdi. These practices also provided gains for the next workshops. The first day of the workshop ended with a technical trip to Kale Nakliyat Railway Terminal and a dinner.

Three sessions were held on Sunday, May 15, with the titles "Evaluation of the Accreditation Process", "Evaluation of Postgraduate Education Programs" and "Review of Reference Curriculum/Plans, Book Writing Process and Evaluation". After the sessions, since it is one of the places that have an important role in education, Prof. Dr. Sabahattin Zaim Library was visited by the guests. The 10th Logistics Training Standards Workshop ended with the planning of the next workshop and the trainer's training program, requests and wishes.