Tarih: 26 Kasım 2020

Gösterim: 71

The First Evaluation Meeting of the Project “I Open a Door to Hope, I Hold on to Life” was Held

Our university took part as a stakeholder institution within the scope of the “I Open a Door to Hope, I Hold on to Life” project, which was developed under the auspices of Balıkesir Governorship. The first meeting of the project, which was announced to the public with a press conference on 16/11/2020 and started with the protocol, was held on 26/11/2020 with the participation of the project representative and the department heads of the relevant departments. At the meeting, it was decided to identify the department representatives and then introduce the project to the relevant department representatives in order to carry out and follow up the project in coordination on the basis of departments. In addition, at the meeting, projects and activities that can be developed in this context were evaluated, considering that 2021 was accepted as the Year of Social Responsibility and Volunteering for our university.