16 March 2022

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Language: Turkish

Education Type: Full Time 1st Education

The Duration Of The Program: 4 semester

Program Informations: The programme was accepted by the Turkish Higher Education Council with the letter dated 19 February 2018 and numbered 1941 and started accepting students as of 2018-2019 academic year.

Program's Aim: With the master's program in Nursing Management, it is aimed to train nurses who can manage health care services in the protection, development, maintenance and meeting of health care needs within the contemporary health system, having a manager and researcher role, having “expert nurses” role in the field of nursing management. Also the aim of this program is to train the academic staff needed in the field of nursing management in nursing profession education.

Admission Requirements: Undergraduate graduate nurses are accepted. In addition, students who have started their education in the equivalent program at domestic or abroad can apply by transfer. Admission requirements for graduate programs, student quotas, qualifications to be sought in prospective students, and information regarding the application and evaluation process are announced on the web page of Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Institute of Health Sciences in each announcement period.

Earned Degree: Master Degree in Nursing Management.

Program's Coordinator: Professor Serap ALTUNTAŞ  

Tel: 0 266 717 01 17 e-mail: saltuntas@bandirma.edu.tr

Academic Staff of Program:

Professor Serap ALTUNTAŞ (Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department, Department of Nursing Management)

Professor Edip ÖRÜCÜ (Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration)

Assoc. Prof. Yılda Arzu ABA (Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department, Department of Women's Health and Diseases Nursing)

Assist. Prof. Ayşe ÇİÇEK KORKMAZ (Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department, Department of Nursing Management)