Tarih: 05 December 2022

Visitors: 77

Thrace Universities Union V. International Health Sciences Congress was held on 01-02 December 2022, hosted by our institute

In order to bring together national and international researchers, academicians and students in the field of health sciences, the fifth of the Trakya Universities Association International Health Sciences Congress, which is organized every year by the Trakya Universities Association (TÜB) in one of the member universities of the union, was hosted by the Health Sciences Institute of our university this year.
Our Rector Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özdemir, Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Rector and Thrace Universities Union Term President Prof. Dr. Mümin Şahin, Rector of Trakya University Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu, Kırklareli University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ünal Çağlar and academicians attended.
In the program that started with the Trakya Universities Union 10th Year Special Video; in the opening speeches; Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Health Sciences Institute Director/Congress Organizing Committee Chairman Assoc. Dr. Diler YILMAZ stated that the main purpose of the congress, which was organized with the theme of "Innovative Approaches in Health Sciences", is to bring together researchers from different health disciplines to discuss innovative approaches in the field, and stated that a total of 303 oral and poster papers will be presented in 33 sessions in the two-day congress. Special thanks to the General Secretary of Thrace Universities Union and our Rector Prof. Dr. He thanked Süleyman ÖZDEMİR.
Then our Rector Prof. Dr. Süleyman ÖZDEMİR stated that the Thrace Universities Association is one of the most active university associations in our country, and expressed his pleasure to host the fifth International Health Sciences Congress and shared some basic statistics about the congress. Noting that 200 of 683 researchers from TRNC and abroad who contributed to the congress were working or studying at our TÜB member universities, he continued his speech with the following words: I would like to thank the participants and greet you all with the hope of a successful congress”
Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Rector and Thrace University Association Term President Prof. Dr. Mümin ŞAHİN expressed his satisfaction that the pandemic process shows the importance of healthcare professionals once again, and that the congress will provide information on current developments in the healthcare field such as digital transformation and artificial intelligence applications, and thanked our Rector Prof. Dr. He concluded his speech by thanking Süleyman ÖZDEMİR and Trakya Universities Union.
Kırklareli University Rector Prof. Dr. On behalf of Bülent ŞENGÖRÜR, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ünal ÇAĞLAR made the opening speeches. While starting his speech with the pleasure of participating in one of the events of the Thrace Universities Union, he mentioned the pandemic period and emphasized that the importance of health will increase in the ongoing process with the epidemics.
  Trakya University Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu pointed out that the Thrace Universities Union organizes 40 events in a year and 22 of these events are held every year. Expressing his satisfaction with the intense interest shown by the researchers to the fifth International Health Sciences Congress, he conveyed his thanks and congratulations.
  After the opening speeches, two main sessions were held on the first day, titled "Digital Transformation in Healthcare" and "Teamwork in Health Sciences: An Oncology Example". On the second day, 30 national and 6 (England, Canada, Netherlands and Iraq) invited speakers attended the congress, which continued with the sessions of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Physical Education and Sports, Nutrition and Dietetics, Social Work, Health Management, Basic and Clinical Sciences. He contributed.